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Freeze Dried Pumpkin digestive supplement

Freeze Dried Pumpkin digestive supplement

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Freeze dried pumpkin is a supplement for dogs which is freeze dried in small batches.

Freeze dried pumpkin digestive supplement for your dog. Pumpkin is nutritious, low in fat and rich in nutrients. It is a quick and effective supplement to help maintain your dog's proper digestive health.

Feed a few times a week or as needed when the dog has loose stool. 

Mix with dog food or rehydrate and add to kibble.

17 grams (Approximately 4 tablespoons)

Feeding Guidlines

Weight of Dog


up to 25 lbs

1/4 teaspoon

25-55 lbs

1/2 teaspoon

56-90 lbs

3/4 teaspoons


1 teaspoons

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