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Welcome to our home-based business where we provide high-quality 3D Printing files for dog business owners, owners of working dogs, and trainers who have 3D Printing machines.

Each file is carefully designed and digitized in-house, ensuring the highest quality printing and attention to detail.

Because our designs are all digital, no returns or refunds are acceptable, I will give you store credit. You may use this file to create items to resale, however, you may NOT RESALE, TRADE, ALTER, or SHARE this DIGITAL FILE in any way.

Using our 3D printing files is easy. Simply download the file, load it onto your 3D printing machine, and start printing.

We take great pride in providing high-quality 3D printing files that meet our exacting standards and those of our customers.

**This is not a finished item. This is a digital file that must be used with a 3D Printing machine**

This is a 3D printing machine design. It will require a 3D printer to print these designs. You also need a method to transfer the design file to your machine. This purchase is for the electronic design file only. 




Due to the nature of digital files, no physical product will be shipped and no refunds will be issued.

You may use this file to create tangible items for resale, however, you may NOT resale, trade, alter, or share any digital files from Humble Dog.  

If you do not own a program and need changes made, you are not authorized to send files, free or purchased from Humble Dog, to any third party for editing or modification.  This is considered a form of file transferring and will result in account closure.

If a chargeback is filed for any 3D printing file purchase made on our website this will result in account termination.  We can see download activity and IP addresses to confirm if the charge was fraudulent or not.

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