Collection: Tactical Collars

Experience the ultimate blend of strength and style with our exceptional collar, crafted for powerful, high-drive dogs or those deserving only the best! Featuring a Cobra buckle, this collar offers unmatched durability without sacrificing comfort or adding unnecessary bulk. It's the ideal accessory for your loyal canine companion.

The collars are 2 inches wide Medium and Large available.

Medium collars fit a 14 inch - 19 inch neck

Large collars fit a 17 inch - 27 inch neck

Not sure about the best size for your dog or need help finding the perfect fit? Follow these simple steps to measure your dog's neck accurately. If your pup's neck size falls between two options, we recommend choosing the larger size for a comfortable and secure fit!

How to measure your dog's neck

To measure your dog's neck accurately, follow these steps using a soft measuring tape:

  1. Hold the end of the measuring tape between your finger and thumb.
  2. Gently wrap the tape around your dog's neck at the thickest area.
  3. Pull the tape snug enough that you can fit two fingers between it and your dog's neck.
  4. Take note of the measurement shown on the tape.

This method ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your dog's collar.