"Place" and the importance of training your dog before the holiday season:

"Place" and the importance of training your dog before the holiday season:

Teaching your dog the “Place” command is an essential skill that can help in various situations. Whether you need your dog to stay calm during mealtime or when visitors come over, the “Place” command can keep your furry friend in one spot.

The first step in teaching your dog this command is to encourage them to get on the cot. You can use a treat to lure them onto the cot or take a big step towards it. Once your dog is on the cot, praise them and give them a treat. Then, say “free” and release them from the cot, inviting them to leave.

It's essential to repeat this process several times until your dog understands what you want them to do. Once your dog has mastered the gesture, you can start saying “place” first and then take a step towards the cot. Each time your dog gets on the cot, praise them, give them a treat, say "free," and encourage them off the cot.

Gradually shrink the gesture until you've eliminated it, and your dog will jump on the cot at the mere mention of “place.” It's crucial to say "free" before you move away or encourage your dog off the bed.

But you don't have to stop with just “place." Once your dog has mastered this cue, you can move on to your dog learning to “place" themselves with specific sounds. This is where the real fun begins.

Start by ringing the doorbell, then say “place,” and give your dog a treat when they go to the cot. Eventually, you can drop the word “place” and start just giving them a treat when they go to the cot after the doorbell rings.

If your dog gets excited at mealtime, you can teach them to “place” when they hear the sound of the food bin opening. If they're scared of the vacuum cleaner, you can teach them to “place” when they hear it.

You can use the "place" command when you are busy and your dog needs to be out of the way the picture provided is a great example! No one wants their dog getting into wet paint! 

The “Place” command can be a lifesaver in many situations, and it's easy to teach your furry friend with a bit of patience and repetition. Remember to keep the training positive, and your dog will be happily jumping on the cot in no time! 


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